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Mikazuki Bigwave



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1.Take Me Up Higher 02:36 video
2.Bayside Blue 新しい日 02:30
3.純STAYPURE粋 03:47
4.netsurf *.○・.: 03:22
5. 逢いたい2 You
6. ☆ Nyan Da Core ☆ 02:43
7.Hold My Hand 手を握ってね 02:53
8. Change My Mind
9.With You あなたと 02:52
10. Enoshima Island 江ノ島 03:45
11.LOVE In Question サラ 03:07
12. KWII魔法 (Outro) 04:15

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This album has been in developed over 9 months. Over this past year i have been experimenting more and more with music trying to evolve my tastes, perceptions, and techniques. 2019 i feel has been one of the more interesting years of the future funk/ underground music scene. As i have been performing more, i have been experiencing the appeal of different genres of music; in which, i believe have influenced me immensely. From now on, as we approach 2020, i wish to start a new era of music for myself. I do not wish to only create "future funk", i wish to create something more sentimental and true to my own desires. With this new year and new era, i hope to send more Mikazuki melodies to many people across the internet! I hope "海辺のSENTIMENTAL" will soon become your new favorite album. Looking forward to the future with you.



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